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How to do an assignment for university that your tutors will love

Any essay your write must meet your college’s rigorous academic standards. A great paper should have:

  • A clear structure. The assignment layout for university papers should involve an introduction, a series of arguments and a conclusion.
  • Consistent ideas. Each point you make should build on the one before and lead into your conclusion.
  • Use examples. Probably the best university assignment help we can give you is to back up every point by mentioning a relevant experiment or case study; it really strengthens your overall argument.
  • Use the correct tone. Academic writing usually uses passive voice instead of the first or second person. Your college will have samples in the handbook for you to follow.
  • Choose your sources carefully. Always use the most recent study or updated version of a source.

Steps to take before you write your university assignment

Doing a lot of research and planning will ultimately make your paper so much better than if you dive in feet first without knowing what you want to say.

  1. Read the question
  2. Search for sources. Textbooks are fine but make sure to include some journals too. Even if the papers are only available for sale online, your university library should have a free copy.
  3. Take notes. Look through your sources for relevant quotes or examples and jot down where you found them.
  4. Draft your structure. Make brief notes on what you want to say in each section. You can check to see if your college has university assignments online and compare them with what you’re writing.
  5. Now you’re prepared to do the actual writing!
  6. Check the assessment criteria. Each department should give out a mark scheme explaining what is required in a university assignment. Assistance is available from student services if you don’t understand the criteria.

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