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What makes academic writing assignments different from school essays?

In some way school is terrible preparation for university life. School essays are essentially about learning material and being able to repeat it cogently. An academic assignment at university is about original research and making a unique contribution to your field, no matter how small. This means you need to be offering new insights into the topics.

When you write a paper at university you can’t just examine other people’s arguments. Lots of the academic assignment help and advice given by universities is about making up your mind and then defending your point of view, something many students are not used to.

How to write an academic assignment that will really impress your tutors

If you want to write a paper that will get a brilliant grade and win the approval of your professors, you need at least the following:

  • Correct grammar and punctuation. Most people think they understand this until they dig deeper into it. Do you know when to use a semicolon and when to use a colon? Do you understand the difference between ‘less’ and ‘fewer’? Good academic assignment writing requires flawless English.
  • Proper in-text citations. Since this isn’t part of school essays many new students struggle with it. Citations separate fact from opinion – every fact has to be attributed to a source so your reader can see where you got the information and can follow it up if necessary. There are examples online you can follow.
  • A well-formatted bibliography. Your university or department will have a style guide detailing exactly how they want things referenced, hopefully with an academic assignment example as well. Make sure you follow it.

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